Zombie Outbreak

Day One

The date is 10/15/2017. The time is 1600.
This journal will be a way for me to keep track of daily activities for the foreseeable future.  At approximately 1800 on 9/24/17 the first reports of the Zombie outbreak occurred on 10/5/17 the virus reached Alaska from Russia. It appears that the Zombies can walk on the floor of the ocean. By 10/10/17, All of Canada, and the West united states had been overtaken. Luckily, the pandemic has not reached Florida yet. Gas is already $10 a gallon, and still rising. Luckily, Me and my fellow soldiers will be safe for the foreseeable future while stationed at the DCSC (Disaster Control and Shelter Center) where there is enough supplies to last roughly 10 years, as well as an armory, infirmary, has a freshwater supply and filtration system, and a hydroponics agriculture center. To top it all off the facility is built 250 feet underground.

The date is still 10/15/2017. The time is 2200.
Zombie attacks have been reported as far as northern Georgia, even Alabama. News feeds show that New York City’s population has been reduced 70% in the past 12 hours.

Day Two

The date is 10/16/2017. The time is 0800.
Just heard on Mil-Com that most of the food supplies from grocery stores world-wide has been looted, bought, or destroyed by zombies.  I’m actually glad that mom and pop died 5 years ago, because they aren’t letting civilians onto the base anymore. Civilians have actually began to kill one another over food and other supplies. There was a story on the Network today about a man who killed 24 people with a hunting rifle because he thought they were zombies.  

10/16/17. 1400.
It’s official. Zombies have overrun NAS Pensacola. Loss of life is 100%. There was also a serious breach at NAS Orlando, where zombie testing has been taking place. Luckily, there is enough security here to effectively destroy anything within a 5 mile radius that is deemed undesirable.

Day Five

10/20/17. 0600
It sounds like a War Zone outside.  Close to 4500 zombies showed up from the north last night, and there are reports of many more. I’ve been out there since 0100 kicking major zombie a** and I’m due back on post at 0900. It feels good to have something to shoot at.

10/20/17. 1500.
The weirdest, most disturbing thing happened while we were fending off the zombies. Every single on e stopped at the same time, cocked their heads for about 10 seconds, then turned on their heels and walk, shambled, or dragged themselves away. It’s almost as if their being controlled by a hive mind.
10/20/17. 2000.
MIL-COM reports all civilian schools, public buildings, libraries, Food distribution centers, and other such buildings are permanently out of commission. There are also reports of huge gatherings of zombies in the Mojave Desert; satellite data suggests a pack as large as 400,000 zombies have gathered near Las Vegas.

Day Seven

10/22/17. 0900
It’s my birthday, what a bummer.
Gas is no longer being supplied to civilians. Rumor has it Zombies walking along the bottom of the oceans have caused serious damage to many oil pumping and refining facilities, and the few remaining ones have been reserved for military uses.  Natural gas supplies are now limited to whatever is in the pipes or in storage. Heating oil is also limited to what is in the pipes and storage tanks. USNet reports that less than 15% of the world population is alive and non-zombie.

Day Ten

10/25/17. 2100
It’s the tenth day we’ve been cooped up here, and it’s amazing how fast the world has completely halted. All stores, businesses, and other non-critical services have been shut down. Food production has halted, all news, television, phone, and much of the Internet has been totally shut off.  United States Military scientists are working on a gas or something similar that can be pumped into the air in large quantities and destroy zombies, but not harm humans.

Day 11

10/26/17 1400
USNet had some shocking news this morning. All urban electricity supply has been shut off, all plants are non-functional, and there were even stories that at least 2 different nuclear reactors have reached critical mass and entered meltdown, potentially contaminating the earth, and it’s also possible that any zombies nearby have become radioactive. We also went out in armored convoys today to gather supplies, food, and just about anything else we could possibly use on-base anytime in the future. It’s scary thinking about how life’s going to be from now on..

Day 12
10/27/17 0430
As of today, there is no such thing as the United States of America. Everything except the Military has been officially wiped out. Water no longer flows through the pipes; there is no Electricity, food supply, or contact with other people except the USNet. The base is now running off of the underground freshwater supply, and all electricity is supplied by solar or gas generators. Less than one percent of the Earth’s population remains. This is the end of the Human race.
Day 1825

It’s been 5 years since the Zombie Outbreak.  Out of the roughly 450US Military bases in operation in 2017, only 6 remain. These are the last 6 human establishments on the planet earth. There are only 4,267 humans left alive.  3 Months ago the Zombie killing gas was perfected, and is now being pumped into the air.  There might still be a small amount of hope for us, and knowing that gives me a reason to be alive.