Sunday, October 17, 2010

Halo: Reach

Well, I played Halo: Reach for the first time today and I thought it was freaking epic. Bungie really did a great job this time with the graphics and all the AI improvements, but there were a few shortfalls. I didn't like that they took out my beautiful Battle Rifle, (although, to be honest, I'm a better shot with the DMR.) The new firefight adjustments are great, and I spent about 2 hours playing gruntpocalypse with my health set to invulnerable.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Well, today sucked.

Today was pretty boring. School went crappy, and I didn't get much work done. I still have an essay due for AP World Histotry I haven't even started on. Oh well, I'll get get it done tonight.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

All About Xbox 360 Hacks

Xbox 360 Hacks guide involves a step-by-step instruction on the modifications of hardware setting. This is helpful in knowing the fundamental techniques related to Xbox 360 hacks. In addition, it aids particularly in skills essential for reverse engineering strategy. Before we learn about the essential features of Xbox 360 hacks, we must have a clear understanding about Xbox 360 security management. In this article, we will discuss some interesting facts about Xbox 360 hacks.

A Fundamental Overview
At the time you change the Xbox 360 firmware, it will customize the Xbox for allowing Xbox 360 hacks and cheats including all other relevant stuffs. When you use these Xbox 360 hacks feature, you will be allowed to download unlimited number of games and applications, software and music, without really bothering about their compatibility with the system.
In fact, you also become able to play games like Nintendo that you cannot play in normal setting. However, you need to take the backup in advance in order to ensure safe execution of Xbox 360 hacks. Since you set up custom firmware, you can enjoy all the advanced features and in some cases unusual features that are typically inaccessible in normal setting.
There are various websites and guide books that help its readers with a step-by-step guidance regarding Xbox 360 hacks. So, it doesn't really matter whether you are an expert in Xbox 360 hacks or not. Even if you are a novice, these useful guidebooks and websites can help you to become knowledgeable about Xbox 360 hacks.

Devil360 Mod Chipset
Devil360 Mod Chipset is designed for the purpose of Xbox hacking. The developers of Devil360 Mod Chipset claim that the entire hacking could be possible with the help of this wonderful chipset. According to the claim of the team of developers, Devil360 Mod Chipset would be able to crack on the 'small security hole' in the Xbox 360.
The developers are working out on the prevention of updates that may disable it, in addition to programming bootable unsigned code, which is helpful to play 'unauthorized' games. However, this is still under consideration and the result brings no guarantee to exist yet.

Legal Issues
There are some complicated legal interactions between intellectual property law and reverse engineering. While it is true that the innovators deserve recognition against their creation, however, the competitive market scenario demands a restriction in the domain of innovation for ensuring fair dealings.
Sometimes ignorance cannot save the reverse engineers since it does not act as a valid defensive shield all the time. Hence, not always but sometimes your act may become a punishable act as a result of intellectual property violation.

Broadband Internet

Broadband Internet is an option that a lot of people are using for their web surfing needs. Broadband for consumer use can be either DSL, which is usually provided by a phone company, or cable Internet, which comes from your cable company. In many cases, broadband service means faster page loads when surfing the net, quicker downloads of data, and an overall faster experience when looking at photos and videos. Even with this fast type of service, things can sometimes slow down. One of the first things you need to do when this happens is run a broadband speed test on your connection.
If you call your Internet provider, they may be able to run a broadband speed test on your computer while you wait. It generally only takes a moment, and they can tell you rather quickly if the problem is on their end or yours. They may also have a website that you can go to, if you can still get online, and it will run the broadband speed test for you. You will see your results displayed right there on your computer screen.
If you have taken your broadband speed test and they find nothing wrong on their end, your connection might be off because of your connection. You may have a wire or connector that has come loose, and in some cases, you will need to reset your modem. The last time I found my service to be painfully slow, it was because the memory on my modem had been full. I’m not sure what kind of data this collects or uses, but once the memory was emptied, my connection was fine.
When there is no problem on your end, no problem on your service providers end, and you have passed the broadband speed test with flying colors, most likely there is something else wrong with your computer. In many cases, you will find that you have spyware, malware, or a virus tying up your computer. Some viruses use up so much of your computer memory that it may make your broadband Internet run like dial-up. If you take care of all of these, your last step would be to have your computer looked over by a professional for any hardware problems.
Once your computer is up and running again, run a broadband speed test once in a while to make sure everything is up and running, and keep your computer protected from viruses and spyware. If you don’t have antivirus, make sure you get it. Find a good spyware program and take advantage of the free firewall Zone Alarm offers. All of these together will help keep your computer protected.

Here I am

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